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Monday, June 29, 2009

Serene Sunday and Mild Monday

After lunch at Miracle Meals Sunday, Lila went shopping for souvenirs for me to take to her family in the states, while I went grocery shopping at Metro (today's favorite Chinglish sign: "MERTO DWN BRAND," meaning "Metro's Own Brand").

When she came home, we had dinner, then watched two Jackie Chan films: The Tuxedo and Around the World in 80 Days. Both were fun, but neither was anything special.

Today (Monday) was a quiet day, with a few small milestones:

  1. I finished my grades for the semester and sent them in, making me officially "free" as a teacher (but I need to finish some textbook editing for the school this week).
  2. I went back to Season 2 of Buffy to "sweep up" episodes missed due to faulty DVDs.
  3. I got an official username for the "365 Secrets of Happiness" page on Facebook. It's now found at

That's it for a mild Monday!

Here are the things that posted yesterday and today:

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