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Thursday, July 9, 2009

You Too, Youku?

I spent the day visiting with my family and researching some purchases (didn't have any transportation today, so stayed in).

I also saw a show I hadn't seen before ("Criminal Minds," not bad) and a "CSI:NY." Later, I'll wrap up the "Buffy" episodes I missed from Season 2.

And that leads to a funny story: As some of you may know, tight internet controls in China have made it impossible to see YouTube since before March of this year. One alternative is to watch "Youku," a Chinese version of YouTube, but without all those messy copyright issues.

So earlier today I tried to watch the missing "Buffy" episodes on Youku, and got this message:

"The clip has been blocked in you region."

Wait: you mean the Chinese site is blocked in America? HA! (But really, I'm sure it has to do with copyright being enforced in America. "Buffy" has been licensed to, and that's where I'll watch it tonight.)

This is what was published today:

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