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Friday, July 7, 2006

A Few Program Notes

Just some things happening here

[2023: So, these things were happening; now they're mostly not. I'll just leave them here for historical purposes.]

  1. Search Page: I have created a Google search page for the site, complete with a "Realize!" banner and custom colors. That's the good news. The bad news? As of this date Google seems to only have crawled about four of my pages! I have been taking steps to rectify, this, and hope they will take hold in the next few days.
  2. Sutra Study: I have posted the answers to the Sutra Study's Lesson 1 questions--and so far, they are all by me! Come on guys, send me your comments! Anyway, reading the sutras and the notes is a good means to take some "baby steps" into Buddhism. The reading and questions for Lesson 2 have also been posted.
  3. Foundations Friday: It's time once again to visit one of my Foundational Essays. Today's pick: The Perennial Philosophy and Neo-Perennialism: An Introduction. This is absolutely one of the most important articles I've written (but you'll probably hear that every time I mention a Foundational Essay!)
  4. Browse the Library: If you can't get enough of my stuff, I should point out that The Library is growing. Browse the alphabetical list and see if anything there strikes you.
  5. Gallery Additions: I have finally begun posting some pictures to The Gallery; take a look! A few more and I can remove that dorky "In Development" pictures--a real incentive!

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