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Friday, July 14, 2006

"Hello, I Must Be Going..."

Talk Amongst Yourselves 'til I Get Back

(Happy Bastille Day, Dad!)

Well, the time has come for me to go. It's travel season again, and I have a LOT coming up. For the first week or so, this Journal will be mute; then I will post like hell; then it will become spotty; then...

Here's my relatively fixed itinerary:

July 14-20: I'm staying in a temple in Fujian, where for two half-days I will teach Buddhism (in English) to about 100 Chinese high-schoolers. I'm told there's not much technology there, but even if there were, I'm staying in a temple. My journal will be kept on paper. You can see where I'm going here [2023: Not any more! Gone!]; the words are in Chinese, but the pics are cool. (Thanks, Peter, for the research.) [Update: In fact, only the first picture--reproduced here--is of Hua Yan Si. And even that has changed significantly, as the picture was taken in early stages of the construction of the compound. My up-to-date photos will be posted soon.]

Hua Yan Si grabbed from a Chinese homepage

July 21-24: Home again, where I will post my written journal (and some pictures). There's a big birthday party on Saturday night (I turn 51 while at the temple) and I'll catch up with my honey.

July 25-August 7: Back to L.A. My niece will get married, I will see a lot of family and friends, and I have some temples to check out...I also hope to be journaling again while I'm there, but I don't know what the technological situation is like at my folks' house.

August 9: Back home in Shenzhen.

There will be one more trip, in late August, to Tokyo; dates are pending.

Now, how will you live without me while I'm away this week? Don't worry. Today is Sutra Study Day and, as always, Foundations Friday. So first:

  1. Read today's Sutra Study, and send in those replies. They don't have to be "astute," just from the heart.
  2. Today's Foundations article is the six-part This World and That. By a sheer, huge-o coincidence, I will be gone six days! So here is your reading schedule:

So you'll still get your daily "fix" (and read the article that I wrote before anything else on this site; it was posted on, and before that it was a university paper).

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