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Friday, May 4, 2007

And Down We Go Again

Back to the flatlands of Manila

A relatively uneventful day. "Baguio Bill" had told us that there was a slightly faster, more comfortable, and more expensive bus back to Manila. We did it, and it was worth it.

That night (it could have been the next night, but I'll tell it here) we were walking home from Cafe Havana near our pensionne when we ran into a fellow Angeleno who had been a colleague at my school in Shenzhen. He told us a harrowing yet oddly-humorous story: The night he arrived in Manila, he took a cab from the airport to a long-haul bus station, where three guys with knives held him up. "But they were so nice!" he marveled. It seems they took his pesos, but left him his passport, airplane ticket, credit cards, and other currencies! They just wanted the easily-traded local money. Lucky for him. So he was in Manila an extra night before taking his bus down south.

And that was that day.

See a list of all of Lila's photo sets on Flickr from this trip here.

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