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Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Solstice!

Yesterday (Sunday) was the summer solstice. To celebrate, we had friends over and Lila prepared "summer-y" foods: a salad with fresh fruit, veg burgers with all the fixin's, and fried potatoes. We also had Pink Lemonade Snapple (and lots of water).

The weather forced us to stay indoors (93F/34C, with 60% humidity), so we watched Lila's and my favorite movie, Rat Race, after lunch. Stefano and Farah brought two of their three daughters (we missed Laura!); our "best man" Alan came; and Aswini and Sudha, our Indian friends. A nice way to celebrate.

Today (Monday) brings nothing special. Back to work (final exams, and last week of classes) and trying to stay cool.

Here are yesterday's and today's published items:

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