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Monday, July 6, 2009

Mostly Movies and Presently Packing

It was a quiet weekend.

Lila went straight from work to Hong Kong; I stayed home all day and went out to meet her at Poly Plaza when she came back, where we ate at Papa John's (running into our Indian friends Ashwini and Sudha there). We walked across the street and strolled through Coastal City Mall afterward (Lila was convinced she was dead, and this was heaven). Then we came home and watched some new movies she bought in Zhangmutou this week: the John Wayne/John Ford classic The Searchers (who could find a better wife than one who picks up classic John Wayne when she sees it?) and the Disney short The Wind in the Willows, source of the "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" we took in Disneyland in January.

Sunday we stayed in. Stefano and Farah and family stopped by after a visit to the nearby zoo, to say goodbye; since I'm leaving Tuesday, and when I come back they'll be in Indonesia, it will be a few weeks until we're together again.

Other than that, it was such a rainy day that we just stayed in. Lila cooked (pasta fagioli--yay), and we watched several more movies: Night in the Museum 2 (so-so), Angels & Demons (surprisingly better than The Da Vinci Code), and the TV-quality Texas Rangers. We tried to watch Miracle at Sage Creek, but the preaching in this "faith-based film" was so heavy-handed I turned it off after a few minutes.

Now it's Monday morning; today I'll be rustling around to pack for tomorrow's trip to the states. Lila is in HK today, so she'll be back this evening and to say goodbye in the morning. Chances are the next blog entry will be late Tuesday California time (early Wednesday morning China time).

Here are the things that posted Saturday, Sunday, and today:




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