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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Man. All through my early years with a camera, ever since my uncle taught me to develop my own pics at age 14, all I wanted was to shoot for the National Geographic. My first "real" camera was a Nikon F, just like "they" used. But my life took another turn, and it was not to be.

And now, the National G has published one of my WIFE'S pictures online. Dang, she beat me to it. Brat.

They're having a photo contest in conjunction with an upcoming exhibition in Washington, D.C., and as the prime example, the height to which everyone is to aspire--they used one of her shots!

Here's the page, with her pic at the top, "front and center."

And here's her Flickr page with all of her Terra Cotta Army shots (and others in Xi'an).

Personally, here's the shot I would have chosen.

Anyway, she's hot!

In lesser news:

Back in September, the local newspaper published two articles about my current project: to visit the 142 key Buddhist temples designated by the Chinese government as being of special interest. Here are the first two, in case you missed them:

Putuoshan and Ningbo

Shanghai and Hangzhou

Well, today they published another, about Xi'an (the same trip where Lila shot the Warriors).

And late last week, Baicai Magazine (a local arts-and-culture online mag) published a more in-depth look at one temple I visited in Ningbo.

So there you have the China Baquets' recent grabs at fame. Enjoy!