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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bodie GHOST Town

[This essay was originally posted to "The Third Tale," a blog on Weebly. In transferring it I have updated and made corrections where necessary.]

I used to do a lot of exploring around California and the West. I once took a girlfriend and her son to Bodie and did some in-camera double exposures. Here's a manipulation of one of them.


Miles McClain:

I spent a short time as a professional photographer. As you might imagine I enjoy your photographs. Miles


My Reply:

Thanks, Miles. I started shooting at age 14, when my uncle (a weekend wedding photographer) taught me how to use his home darkroom. Since then I've shot almost every kind of film, and practiced alternative printing processes (using Polaroid materials, cyanotypes, etc.) Made a living selling "art photography" in parks etc. for a season, too. This shot was done with my uncle's old SpeedGraphic 4x5. Thank gods I can do most of that digitally now, but I still can't wait to get a darkroom set up once we relocate to the Philippines! I've got tens of thousands of shots, digital and film (mostly transparencies) to play with.

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