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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Threads on the Web

Where you can find me...

My presence on the internet is scattered far and wide. Here are most of the places you will find me:

[NOTE: Most of these are now "historical"; updates will be given where available.]

The Temple Guy

This is my oldest and largest page. It started back in 2001 as my Aki Meguri at (now defunct) when I was walking through Japan. This layer survives in slightly revised form [twice].

Next was my pre-China and early-days-in-China blog, "The Barefoot Fool." [Coming BACK soon.] When that blog died, I transferred the material here.

The rest of The Temple Guy was created to record information on temples in China. There are also some semi-philosophical essays in the Articles section; these will eventually be transferred to You Are That (see below). [Someday...]

The Laughing Buddha

This page was created to promote activities for expats and English-speaking Chinese in Shenzhen. We have slowed down quite a bit and readjusted our focus, so the page is rather quiet. Eventually it will probably be absorbed into another project "in development." [I left Shenzhen in 2015! Some material will probably be archived here, though...]

You Are That
NOW Here

This page is a repository for my philosophical and religious ramblings. The best introduction is the "Foundational Essays." There's also a lot on Joseph Campbell. And in the summer of 2006 I had a unique experience teaching in a temple in Fujian; much of this was covered in The Journal (where you are now). Expect more of this as I prepare to go to work in a temple in Jiangsu later in 2007.

The Shenzhener Blog

One purpose of The Laughing Buddha was to provide information in English for visitors and resident expats in Shenzhen. It became easier to do this through occasional posts to a blog. This has been suspended while we work on a new project...


"In Development"

Now we are working on the homepage that Shenzhen has long needed, with a complete City Guide, magazine-like Feature Articles, and an active Community section. Stay tuned... [This became "Shenzhen Buzz," also now GONE.]

* * * * * * * * 

Well, that about covers my web [former] endeavors. By the time you've read everything that's already online, we should have a LOT more for you. [But see what we've got NOW!]


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