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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Transferred Posts

Hi, everybody!

[For those of you who said "Sign me up": This is the first post that will be "syndicated" to your mailbox. I'm anxious to see how it turns out--keeping everything crossed!]

Well, I had previously started a blog on It was one of the best-looking blogs I've ever had. But because my host country sporadically blocks entire blog sites en is blocked right now--I decided to move my blog onto my own site, which has never been blocked so far. (Cross everything again. And knock wood.) [That was, now gone.]

This system I have come up with--a blog AND an HTML journal--means that I can "go back in time" and post things in their correct location, chronologically, in the journal; but the blog gives you the update.

So, the first thing I'm offering you is a couple of posts from late April, transferred here for all to see.

[There follows a number of links to posts around our wedding. I won't bother to duplicate them here.]

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