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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Off to Yangzhou (links)

The Temple Guy lives in a temple!

Hi, Everybody!

Well, it's a beautiful afternoon here in Shenzhen. I got on the Metro late this morning and traveled one stop to Central Walk Mall, where I met my assistant for a few minutes at Starbucks. I had lunch at Taco Bell Grande with a good friend, and now I'm back sipping a red bean crème frappuccino at Starbucks again. When I finish surfing on their wireless connection, I'll go over to Subway Sandwiches and pick up a large Veggie Delite to go; that'll be dinner at home. And after dinner? Maybe watch a few episodes of Scrubs on DVD (about 50 cents a disc from the local pirates). Or surf the web on somebody else's wireless.

Life in this part of the People's Republic of China is... [sigh]... so fine...

In two-and-a-half weeks I'll leave here for another side of paradise: My "new life" in a temple in Yangzhou. How did this come about? And what exactly is this job? And why am I leaving Lila? All of your questions will be answered in my latest journal entry. Please have a look at this:

Off to Yangzhou: How I got my New Job (May 16, 2007)

In a few days I'll tell you more about that May trip. For now, enjoy your day. I know I will!


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