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Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6, 2009: Content Summary

This is my first daily (or near-daily--maybe not on Sunday) summary of what's been done.

Since it's the first, and I've been publishing stuff for a week now, it may be a bit long. Looks more like the weekly newsletter!


Here's a summary of this week's publication on

Wisdom Blogs:

365 Secrets of Happiness: 6 new posts: Just Do It, Create a Bliss Station, Get on Your Bike, Find a Guru, Get a Bird, and Get a Kid. I also started posting this on Facebook.

At the Feet of Sri Ramakrishna: 2 posts: Can You See the Stars in the Daytime? and Water and God Have Many Names

Buddhism Simplified: 2 posts: The Buddha's Family and Society and The Birth of the Buddha

Meet Joe Campbell: 2 posts: Idea #1: Metaphor and Idea #2: The Four Functions of Mythology

Aphorisms of a Derelict Yogi: 2 posts: F*ck can be a mantra if you say it right and Even an ugly girl can have a nice ass


Meatless/Mooless Monday: 3 posts: Easing into Meatless or Mooless Mondays (three ways to go veg); Lest We Forget (one good reason to go veg); and Make a Cow Happy! (about I've also started a "fan" page for MMM on Facebook


My Bio and more: Post on Achille Joseph Baquet, My Dad's Dad


America: Post on The Fry-Bread Seller, Acoma "Sky City," NM

Japan: Post on "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil"

China: Post on The Stone Pagoda Temple, Yangzhou

Philippines: Post on The Rice Terraces of Banaue

Asia: Post on Sri Krishnan Temple, Waterloo Street, Singapore

That's all for the past week; watch for more on Monday, June 8th


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